Mouth Molding is a new way of eating candy, by sculpturing it with your mouth. It starts with a big chunk of candy on a stick and it's up to you to mold it with your mouth in whatever shape you like. Is it a butterfly? A heart? Or a house? Mouth Molding started exclusively on the Tokyo Designers Week 2011 and is a project from design team "Is it a bird? is it a plane?"(Merel Slootheer & Liat Azulay) Follow our "candy making journey here, or send us a fingerlicking email! Oh, and don't forget to brush your teeth afterwards.


It always takes a team of fantastic people to make a project work! So we thank these masterminds for helping us making the candy experiences come true! And we also thank our intern Rosanna Fincken and candy wrappers Ruben Korthuis, Emmy Verweij, Esther Azulay & Silva van Schagen!